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The recent study at Newcastle University has revealed significant nutritional differences between organic and conventional foods. The research has also proven a direct link between consumption of organic food and reduction of risk of certain diseases The scientists analysed  data on crops and concluded:

Organic vs Non-Organic

  • Organic crops and their food derivates (e.g. bread) contain 60% more key antioxidants than non-organic crops. This difference is the equivalent to eating 2 extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Organic crops have 50% lower toxic heavy metal cadmium than non-organic crops ( thought the difference is less for arsenic and lead).
  • Organic crops contain lower nitrogen concentrations linked to a risk of cancer than in conventional crops.

Organic food contains more of the good nutrients we need and less of the bad stuff damaging to our wellness. In addition, the mordern farming practice has reduced varieties in food produce for a higher yield at a lesser cost, not for nutritional value.

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