Proagi9 Plus

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Proargi9 Plus is a food supplement designed to protect against heart disease, stroke and diabetes as well as slowing premature aging. Proargi9 Plus is based on Nobel Prize winning scientific discovery of Nitric Oxide and its role in the heart health. The ingredients include pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine (amino acid and the precursor of Niric Oxide), L-Citrulline (able to covert to L-Arginine) blended with specially selected vitamins. It has a great berry and citrus taste.

Benefits of Proargi9 Plus

• Helps relaxation the blood vessels that lower stress on the heart.
• Can gradually reduce the plaque built-ups in your arteries.
• Contains the highest quality of L-argenine and L-citruline.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide (known as the ‘miracle molecule’) has many roles in the body – it is powerful naturally occurring antioxidant, it helps dilation blood vessels, it is important neurotransmitter.

Important Note

Healthy levels of Nitric Oxide in the body is vital for proper functioning heart and blood flow. Your arterial stiffening and thickening is particularly high when you are deficient in Nitric Oxide. Left untreated, this condition makes your heart older and exposes you to developing stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular events.

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